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Understanding Islam and the Muslims

Fons Vitae

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Myths and misunderstanding continue to proliferate about Islam and its millions of followers worldwide. Through stunning photography provided by ARAMCO World and an accessible question and answer  this newly-expanded version of America’s most popular short introduction to the key precepts of Islam offers succinct, and sometimes surprising, answers to frequently asked questions about the Muslim faith.

Written by eminent scholars T.J. Winter, Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cambridge University, and John A. Williams of the College of William and Mary’s Department of Religion, this new version of a classic work is unique in that it has the endorsement of Al Azhar University of Cairo, which has been the center of Islamic study for the entire Muslim world since 969 C.E.


ISBN 9781887752473
Author Timothy John Winter & John Alden Williams
Publisher Fons Vitae
Format Paperback
Pages 96
Dimensions 14.0(w) x 20.8(h) x 0.8(d) cm