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Story of Suffa


Suffa was a catalyst, a model, a paragon of learning and the premier model of education in the history of Islam. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ apportioned his time to teach the sahabah (The Noble Companions) to teach them their religion within the hallowed grounds of Masjid Nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque) at the rear end of the mosque on a sheltered veranda called suffa (from which the name ‘Suffa’ is derived from).

Suffa became an extension to the pedagogy of Darul Arqam in Mecca. It served many roles and purposes in Medina – a madrasah, a masjid, a school, a university – instructing and teaching the sahabah. Just like a seed sprouts to life and grows to become a tree, so too the hearts and minds of the sahabah were nurtured and nourished with regular instruction from their beloved Teacher ﷺ.

These seeds would grow to become fruit-bearing pioneers devoted to a single cause over time. And just as stars serve as guidance for travellers on a perilous journey, so too the students of Suffa would serve as a source of guidance and instruction to a new generation of Believers. It is with our hope and sincere intention to continue the legacy of Suffa and reinforce the love of learning within the ummah as we follow in the footsteps of our pious predecessors.