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The Glorious Treasure: On The Knowledge Required Of A Muslim And Supplications For Different Occasions

Guidance Media

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This is the first work 'On the Knowledge Required of a Muslim & Supplications for Different Occasions' to be published in English by Habib 'Umar.

The Glorious Treasure presents the fundamentals of the deen, obligatory upon every Muslim man and woman - and the appropriate supplications for specific occasions, as documented by the Sunnah.

"al-Dhakirah al-Musharrafa, which comprises the essentials a Muslim needs in his religion, plus supplications and invocations as found in the sunnah. By them faith is strengthened; trials, tribulations and afflictions are warded off: goodness is achieved, and Allah's gifts attained.''

The text serves as a manual for both young and old alike; its memorisation is encouraged among children and those new to the religion and it acts as a reminder for the advanced student. It is currently taught at Dar Al Mustafa in Tarim, Yemen and is recommended by Habib Umar bin Hafidh as the first book to be taught to students of knowledge.

The book also includes the Wird Al Latif, with accompanying commentary. Contains Arabic, with English translation and transliteration. This work, as with all of Habib 'Umar's works, assists in the practical implementation of the Prophetic sunnah in everyday life.


ISBN 9780955350108
Author Habib Umar bin Muhammad bin Hafidh
Translator Mohammed Ahmad Mbaye
Publisher Guidance Media
Format Paperback
Pages 91
Dimensions 14.0(w) x 11.2(h) x 0.8(d) cm