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Scribes of the Prophet Kuttab Al-Nabi

Turath Publishing

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This book, The Scribes of the Prophet ﷺ, provides an extensive list of those Companions who had the honour of acting as scribbles to the Messenger of Allah ﷺ in his differing capacities as conduit of Revelation and head of the nascent Muslim State.

Through biographies focusing on their secretarial activities, the reader is afforded a vital insight into this aspect of service performed by a privileged number of Companions. By synthesising an extensive array of sources on Sirah, the author throws light on and reinvigorates the extant corpus documenting these secretarial activities, thus showcasing this branch of our Islamic heritage and the scholarship involved in interpreting it.


ISBN 9781906949143
Author M. Mustafa al-A'zami
Translator Anas M. al-A'zami
Publisher Turath Publishing
Format Paperback
Pages 175