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Muslim Women & Modern Challenges

Muslims at Work Publications

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The western media machine has brainwashed millions of women around the world into believing that western women are rightly guided and that their free lifestyle is the yardstick of success. Many Muslim women have also been misled by this philosophy, hence they imitate whatever they receive from the west without any critical analysis.

This book provides an analysis of various modern challenges facing women in the areas of gender equality, fashion, education, technology, health, entertainment, employment, marriage and motherhood. It helps women to regain their self-confidence by reminding them of the moral values, privileges and status that Islam has uniquely given them. Through it women will appreciate that the Islamic system is the only path that can bring true joy, contentment peace in their lives.


ISBN 9780992193218
Author Moulana Afzal Ismail
Publisher Muslims at Work Publications
Format Paperback
Pages 144
Dimensions 14.7(w) x 20.9(h) x 0.8(d) cm