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Great Muslims of the West (Makers of Western Islam)

Kube Publishing

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Muslims have lived in the “West” for hundreds of years, yet the lives of all but a few are little known.

In this illuminating work, Muhammad Mojlum Khan sets out to change this by revealing the lives and impact of over fifty significant Muslims, from the founder of Muslim Spain in the eighth century to Muhammad Ali today.

This extraordinary book features biographies on the enslaved African Prince Ayuba Sulaiman Diallo, who was put to work in the tobacco fields of Maryland; Alexander Russell Webb, the voice of Muslims in Victorian America; and W.D. Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad’s son, who converted the Nation of Islam’s followers to an authentic version of Islam.


ISBN 9781847741127
Author Muhammad Mojlum Khan
Publisher Kube Publishing
Format Paperback
Pages 502
Dimensions 19.3(w) x 24.6(h) x 3.0(d) cm