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A Thinking Person's Guide to Our Times

White Thread Press & Turath Publishing

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This book takes on the task of determining the challenges and problems of the Muslim Umma in the recent past, the present and, more importantly, in the future and suggest practical solutions for them. Obviously, one short book can hardly address all these issues and suggest solutions without certain simplifications and potentially controversial assertions.

Nevertheless, it presents a systematic analysis and suggested prognosis based on a coherent philosophy. Nothing is more needed in our times, and second to spiritual weakening, the greatest problem of all facing the Islamic World (and indeed the whole world) is lack of understanding of the true natures and essences of things.

This book is an absolute must to understand where the Muslim community is at present and what may happen in the next thirty years. The author has to be commended for compiling an astonishing amount of detail on the various related topics of the past, present and future, which perhaps only a person in his privileged position and academic insight could have provided. Rather than follow conspiracy theories that are abound on the internet and other places, this is the book to read for mind blowing detail but with sound analysis and solutions.


ISBN 9781906949365
Author H.R.H. Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad
Publisher White Thread Press & Turath Publishing ​
Format Paperback
Pages 225
Dimensions 12.7(w) x 19.8(h) x 1.8(d) cm