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A Thinking Person s Guide to the Truly Happy Life

Turath Publishing

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Susan Naser
We can all be happy!

In a world that is increasingly about instant gratification and materialism, this book is a timely reminder that we often seek happiness in the wrong things. This guide is grounded in prophetic traditions and the teachings of the Koran. Being in the moment and trusting that Allah knows what we need more than we ever can, frees us from worrying about the future and being stuck in the past. Beautiful book!

What is happiness? What is not happiness? How can one lead a truly happy life? What are the differences between happiness, joy, gladness, contentment and pleasure? In this concise and easy-to-read book, noted philosopher and Islamic scholar, Prince Ghazi of Jordan, reviews the classical philosophical and religious answers to these questions and then shows Islam s perspective on the issue based on the Qur an and saying of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW.) The answer is a surprising one to which everyone can relate.


Author H.R.H. Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad
Publisher Turath Publishing
Format Paperback
Pages 112